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The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, or PPACA, was signed into law on September 23, 2010. Otherwise known as “Obamacare”, the healthcare reform bill has had impact on affordable health insurance and around the country. Humana One has researched the effects of PPACA on the health insurance industry, and is ready for upcoming changes.

Healthcare Reform

The actual term “Healthcare Reform” makes it sound like there is a flaw in your health care that needs to be reformed. While that may be the case, many times, many Americans looked at the health care they were receiving and found nothing wrong with it. If anything, most Americans just wanted better health insurance.

If, however, Congress had named the bill “Health Insurance Reform”, it would have made more sense to most Americans. Even Humana Individual Health Insurance can be improved a bit.

PPACA affected the health insurance industry almost exclusively, with the exception of medical research. PPACA instituted a Patient Centered Outcomes Research Institute to conduct tests and evaluations for medical procedures and treatments. Many people fear that this institute will place a dollar value on treatment, affecting whether or not a person should receive treatment, but this is not the purpose of the institute.

Reforming Health Insurance

The reforms to your Humana individual health insurance, actually took place in:

Dependent Health Insurance Immediately, in Sept. of 2010, the rules for health insurance provided for coverage of your dependents until they are 26 years old. If they get health insurance through their employer, and then lose it, they can come back to your insurance policy with no exemptions due to pre-existing conditions.

Pre-existing Conditions In the past, if you or a dependent had an ongoing health problem, that condition would be excluded from a new health policy. Humana One agents will tell you that now, if your children are under age 19, they cannot be refused coverage on your insurance. This means that whatever policy you have, your children will have, too. If you have a brief lapse of coverage or change companies, HIPAA protects your insurability.

Lifetime Limits In the past, your Humana individual health insurance may have had a lifetime limit attached to it. This means that once the insurance company has paid up to a certain amount on your health care, you no longer have health insurance. PPACA eliminated lifetime limits, and annual limits will end in 2014.

There are many other changes in Humana individual health insurance and Humana One knows all of them. Let our agents sort through all of the changes, and put together your health insurance policy. Contact them today for a free estimate, and you’ll soon have affordable Humana individual health insurance.

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