When you enroll in a My Humana plan, you can decide what kind of health insurance you need and make it a reality.

At Humana, we want to make sure you are satisfied with your health insurance plan. That’s why we created My Humana plans. My Humana plans are health insurance plans that are customized by the users and are tailored to their every need. In this way, My Humana plans lets individuals get health insurance plans that were designed specifically for them. Customers play a role in creating their My Humana plan, so this gives them unprecedented access in determining how their insurance plans will affect their daily lives. We believe that customers should take responsibility for their own health care. That’s why we created My Humana plans. We want customers to take their own personal experiences and channel it into creating a health insurance plan that is designed to take care of their individual needs. Who better to design a health insurance plan for an individual than the individual himself (or herself)? This is simple logic, so it’s amazing that no one thought of it before. My Humana plans are going to shake up the insurance industry, and continue Humana’s mission for excellence in providing innovative health insurance plans to individuals and families all across America.

The insurance industry today needs to make a change. Too often, Americans are left without health insurance, and are forced to pay out of pocket for their medical expenses. This is slowly developing into a national epidemic. Our Nation’s health is getting poorer and poorer each year, and there isn’t anything being done about it. Politicians are paralyzed by inaction, so it’s up to individuals and insurance companies to come together to make sure everybody gets the health care they need. That’s why Humana is committed to providing low prices on their health insurance plans. Low income and working class individuals are particularly at risk to medical conditions that are easily treatable , if there’s someone who can pay for it. Thus, My Humana insurance plans were born. Low income and working class families can limit the scope of the coverage in their health insurance plans, in an effort to make them much more affordable. Therefore, My Humana health insurance plans can give poorer families and individuals a chance at proper health care.

So contact a Human customer service representative to get the ball rolling on your new start in health care. Today is a new day, and it’s a great time to make a change. My Humana plans can give individuals who thought they would never be able to afford health insurance adequate and reasonably priced health insurance plans. In this way, Humana is on the cutting edge of the insurance industry. By extending coverage to low income and working class families, Humana has once again changed the way insurance companies do business. Through innovations like My Humana plans, Human has consistently opened new doors and challenged individuals to demand the absolute best from their health insurance providers. The time for a change has come once again, so get enrolled in a My Humana plan and experience the Humana difference.

Summary: My Humana plans offer customized health insurance coverage designed to fit your specialized needs.

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